Voting Information

Thank you to the more than 19,000 voters who cast their ballots — and the countless supporters who created the momentum for this campaign in the community — who got Chauntyll elected on November 5!

Over the past year, Chauntyll Allen has been sharing her vision and building a community movement for a school to success pipeline. Now we need to get out to vote on November 5 and get her elected to the St. Paul School Board! 

This election, you can vote for 4 CANDIDATES for school board. Chauntyll is community, educator, labor and DFL endorsed.

Register and Get Out to Vote!

Check out our graphic for all the links you need! Download the graphic.


Early Voting!

If you can't get to the polls on Election Day, there are five places around the city where you can vote before November 5! Find locations and times on this map!