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Since the launch of Chauntyll’s bid for St. Paul School Board, the energy and enthusiasm for our community-based campaign has been growing by the day. Over the past two months, as Chauntyll has shared her vision for a School to Success Pipeline, we’ve mobilized volunteers and supporters across the city, including a strong presence at all seven DFL caucuses and conventions.


Sunday, June 23, starting at 1:30 p.m.

Volunteer for Chauntyll at the DFL City Convention

Our campaign is seeking the DFL endorsement at the citywide convention and we need volunteers to help us show strong support for Chauntyll! You don't need to be a St. Paul resident or delegate for your Ward to volunteer for Chauntyll at the city convention! 



Do you have skill or asset you'd like to share? Contact chauntyllforschoolboard@gmail.com for additional volunteer opportunities!