Support Chauntyll at the DFL Convention!

Caucuses and conventions matter because they are a direct way that YOU can influence who gets the political spotlight and financial resources that come from an endorsement from the DFL. When we show up to support candidates like Chauntyll, we shift who gets power and credibility in these spaces that play a big role in deciding who represents us in local government. They’re also a great way to meet your neighbors, and an easy way for you to build your own network locally.

When is the citywide convention?

The St. Paul DFL citywide convention will be held on Sunday, June 11 at Washington Tech Magnet School at 1495 Rice St, St Paul, MN 55117. Registration starts at 11am. The convention begins at 12pm.

How do I support Chauntyll at the convention?

If you ARE a delegate: Please stop by our table to grab materials to educate any other delegates who don't know about Chauntyll. And stop by our room to grab some food and connect with other Chauntyll supporters! 

If you're NOT a delegate: Please sign up to volunteer for a shift to make sure all the delegates are familiar with Chauntyll and ready to vote for her to get the endorsement! Sign up here!