Caucus with Chauntyll!

Precinct caucuses and conventions are how local candidates earn the DFL’s endorsement. When you attend your caucus, you can become a delegate simply by raising your hand. You then go on to the endorsing convention, where you and your fellow delegates and neighbors get to vote on which candidate should be DFL-endorsed for that race.

Caucuses and conventions matter because they are a direct way that YOU can influence who gets the political spotlight and financial resources that come from an endorsement from the DFL. When we show up to support candidates like Chauntyll, we shift who gets power and credibility in these spaces that play a big role in deciding who represents us in local government. They’re also a great way to meet your neighbors, and an easy way for you to build your own network locally.

In this short, two-minute video clip, Chauntyll shares why we need YOU to show up and be part of our collective community work to create a school to success pipeline for all students in St. Paul!

What is a precinct caucus?

A caucus is a 1-hour neighborhood meeting of yourself and people who live around you and self-identify as DFLers/Democrats – people who share the values of the DFL party and want to support candidates for endorsement, and will be 18 by election day (November 7, 2023). They are usually held at a school, church or other similar building near you. You do not need to be a documented citizen to participate in precinct caucuses.

What happens at precinct caucuses?

At precinct caucuses, you will have the opportunity to meet your neighbors and discuss issues that you think the DFL needs to prioritize. During your caucus, local candidates (like Chauntyll!) may stop in. They will usually make a short speech seeking your support and this is your chance to learn more about them. Your caucus will select delegates and alternates to represent your precinct at the Ward convention. It's easy to become a delegate for your convention; just raise your hand! 

What happens at the Ward convention?

The primary purpose of the Ward conventions is to endorse candidates. That's why it's important that you volunteer at your precinct caucus; so you can voice your support for Chauntyll at the Ward convention. It's also a chance to take it to the next level: running to serve as a delegate for the city convention.

So how do I participate?

Double check your ward and precinct: Do you know what ward/precinct you live in now after redistricting? No? Visit the Secretary of State website and use the Polling Place Finder tool to locate your ward/precinct.

Find your caucus location: Once you know your Ward and precinct, check out this map to find your caucus location!

Arrive on time: Caucus registration and check-in begins at 12:30pm. Arrive early and eager to check in to ensure that we can start on time. 

Find our table: We'll have volunteers at every Ward to make sure you know the process (it's easy!) and have what you need to show up powerfully for Chauntyll!