School to Success Pipeline

Lawn_sign_sign-up.jpgFrom the classroom to the community, Chauntyll Allen has spent her lifetime building a school to success pipeline. Now, after decades of service to students in the schools and youth development in the community, Allen has launched her campaign for St. Paul Board of Education.

Her tireless dedication to students has made Allen an invaluable asset in our schools, earning the trust of youth, who look to her as a mentor, and the respect of superintendents and staff, who rely on her unique skills to address issues in schools where others were reluctant to work.

Allen’s priorities include:

  • Creating safe environments for students where they can learn in trauma-free settings
  • Expanding community full service schools that incorporate restorative practices
  • Increasing employment opportunities for graduates by bringing trades back into the schools
  • Enhancing culturally specific curriculum and schools

Follow the campaign with the hashtags #Chauntyll2019 #ChangeIsGonnaCome